Google Strategy

Google Ads

Google Ads is the largest platform to advertise your business on the Internet. Let people find your products and services before your competition with our pay-per-click campaigns!


What is Pay Per Click?

A Smart Investment


With pay per click and google ads, you can set the budget and adjust it at any time if you require it. You can create specific campaigns for a certain market segment, easily measure your results but the most important thing is that google charges you only when someone clicks on your ad.

¿What Can I Do With Google Ads?

Shopping Ads

Advertise your products on line with Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Search Ads

Rank #1 on Google results

Google Ads Search

App Ads

Get downloads for your mobile app

Google Ads Apps

Youtube Ads

Advertise your business on youtube

Google Ads Youtube

Display Ads

Display your ads on other websites, apps, gmail and more

Google Display

¿What Addventure Does?

We put together the best strategy, create and manage campaigns using Google Ads tools to grow your business.


Google Strategy

Definition and Analysis

We set together the objectives of your campaign, analyze the competition and determine the most effective keywords

Budget and Strategy

We develop a strategic plan to determine where and who will see your ads, always taking care of your budget

Optimized Campaigns

Once your campaigns are ready and activated, we follow them up and make adjustments to optimize results.


At the end of each month we present you a report to analyze together the results of the campaigns and identify growth opportunities.

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